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Arundel Bando Cage

SKU: 210000104857

Arundel Bando Cage

Brand: Arundel
Categories: Bottles-cages
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The Arundel Bando Cage is a minimalist and lightweight bottle cage designed for cyclists who want to keep their water bottles secure and easily accessible without adding unnecessary weight or bulk to their bike. The Bando Cage is made from a durable and flexible silicone material that provides a secure and snug fit for most standard water bottles, while also being easy to install and remove from your bike frame.

One of the key features of the Arundel Bando Cage is its minimalist design. Unlike traditional bottle cages that can be bulky and obtrusive, the Bando Cage has a slim and low-profile shape that blends seamlessly into your bike frame and doesn't interfere with your riding position or style. This makes it an excellent choice for cyclists who want a sleek and minimalist look for their bike, without sacrificing performance or functionality.