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Arundel FlipFlop Cage

SKU: 210000109336

Arundel FlipFlop Cage

Brand: Arundel
Categories: Bottles-cages
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The Arundel FlipFlop Cage is a lightweight and durable bicycle water bottle cage designed to securely hold a variety of bottle sizes and shapes. The cage is made from carbon fiber and has a unique design that allows it to be mounted with either a right-hand or left-hand orientation, depending on your preference. This means that you can easily switch the cage from one side of the bike to the other, or even use it as a backup cage for a different bike. The FlipFlop Cage also features Arundel's signature design, which includes a smooth and sleek profile that minimizes air resistance and looks great on any bike. Overall, this is an excellent choice for cyclists who want a high-quality water bottle cage that is both versatile and stylish.