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Assos fuguFace_s7

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When balaclavas and neck protectors don’t seem to be cutting it, the Assos fuguFace_S7 is sure to keep you plenty warm on the coldest of bike rides. While fitting comfortably under your helmet, this advanced facemask features additional double-layered section of Assos’s strataGon airBlock fabric on the forehead that prevents freezing winds from giving you a headache. The fuguFace_S7 also covers your mouth and neck to eliminate any cold winds from cooling down your core temperature while riding. Like most Assos caps, the fuguFace_S7 also features elastic loopholes for secure positioning of your sunglasses. The Assos fuguFace_S7 is available in three different sizes, so please refer to the sizing chart to determine the best fit for you.

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