SKU: 210000098000

Assos MILLE GT Jacket Winter

SKU: 210000098000

Assos MILLE GT Jacket Winter

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Product Description

As a price-point winter jacket, the Assos MILLE GT Jacket Winter employs all of Assos' signature engineering and fabric knowledge. At its core they have employed tech-savvy NEOS Medium fabric on the chest panels. Engineered by the Assos in-house team, this 3-layer thermal soft-shell has been crafted to hit winter out of the park–whether there’s wind, rain, a biting frost, or storms.

To ensure you don’t overheat, Assos have strategically deployed its lighter sibling on the shoulders, outer arms and dorsal of this jacket–locations that benefit from the lower weight. Rounding off this jacket in pursuit of an ergonomic fit and improved breathability, Assos have employed race-proven RX fabric on the back and underarms of this jacket.

Sticking to Assos' tradition, this piece is predominately black, which has proven a wise choice to combat dirty winter roads. Naturally they have included selected reflective elements to make sure you’re seen on the darkest days. Continuing the design theme of the MILLE GT collection they have included the MILLEgriffe on the underarms of the jacket to give it a little ‘pop’ from the crowd and remind you that Assos is with you on every kilometer of those allimportant winter rides.

When to use?

Grab this jacket during early winter months, using it above a winter skinFoil baselayer on chilly days or when you’re riding long and slow. If your ride is going to be a bit harder grab a spring/fall baselayer to fine-tune your outfit. If rain is forecast or you’re heading out before the temperature has had chance to rise, we’d recommend grabbing your MILLE GT clima jacket to extend the use of this piece.

Features Assos MILLE GT Jacket Winter

  • NEOS MEDIUM: In-house developed tri-layer thermo soft-shell constructed with a bonded PU membrane. Water-repellent and close fitting, this tech-savvy textile is waterproof to 10 m, wind-resistant and highly breathable. Deployed here on the frontal panel as a guarantee of heat retention and climate control. A highlight is the ultimate protection it grants against wind and rain. Waterproof up to 10 MT. High breathability MVP 14.600 gr/m²/24h JIS L 1099 B-1:2006.
  • NEOS LIGHT: In-house developed tri-layer lightweight soft-shell constructed with a bonded PU membrane. Water-repellent and close fitting, this tech-savvy textile is waterproof to 10 m and highly breathable. Used on the upper sleeves and upper back (carré) as a windbreaker and waterproof shell. Waterproof 10 MT. High breathability MVP 27.000 gr/m²/24h JIS L 1099 B-1:2006.
  • RX: Deployed on the lower frontal panel, the proprietary RX is a brushed bi-stretch warp knit fabric with wicking and thermoregulation performance.
  • Triple ramp pockets: Using all of their riding experiences Assos have created a new pocket design with the optimal height for ease of access. Thoroughly tested pocket design with a new, game-changing layout that ensures your contents are secure and stable regardless of your exertion.
  • Internal seams fashion an almost-there lid for the pocket. For this winter jacket these now feature longer reflective stripes for enhanced visibility.
  • 2W waistWave construction: For a cleaner look and more ergonomic edges in Sens Bicolor textile.
  • Raglan cut: Comfort-led sleeve design with a raglan cut for easy, free movement and reduced drag.
  • Full-length camLock zip: Slim, lightweight zip for individually adjusting to the conditions.
  • ID name position: Black silicon print on the left forearm.