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Assos Recovery Socks

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Assos Recovery Socks

Brand: Assos
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Good circulation is the life blood (get it?) of effective recovery after long, hard efforts. The ASSOS Recovery Socks are designed to promote faster recovery times through better blood flow.  Call Contender Bicycles at 801-364-0344 for availability.

The ASSOS Recovery Socks are designed with graduated compression to boost blood circulation in the feet, calves and lower legs either after an intense effort or even during a race. Better blood flow results in quicker recovery time and slower fatigue speeds.

Ultrasoft InfraRed yarns blended with Lycra with high elasticity create the compression you need to effectively massage your legs and stimulate veins and arteries. The design yields a strong hold on the foot that increases in pressure as the sock goes up the leg.

Fitting left and right feet specifically further increases the effectiveness of the ASSOS Recovery Sock. With no exposed seams and a 360 degree ribbed band around the arch, the ASSOS Recovery Sock is friction free, meaning no annoying pressure points, just firm compression and faster recovery.

Whether settling into the saddle for 112 miles of an Ironman bike leg or kicking the feet up on the couch after a monster day with the bike club, the ASSOS Recovery Sock will keep you pedaling.

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Size Chart

Measure PointXX-Small / X-SmallSmall / MediumLarge / X-Large
Assos Size0III
EU Shoe Size35-3839-4243-46
US Shoe Size4-67.5-99.5-12