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Assos Women's Chamois Creme

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Assos Women's Chamois Creme

Brand: Assos
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It only takes one bike ride to realize saddle discomfort is unwanted. Soreness, chafing, and pain are undesired side-effects of frequently riding a bicycle, but they don’t have to be. Assos Chamois Creme has long been cyclists’ go-to to combat unwanted friction and heat while riding, and they’ve continued with a chamois cream specifically formulated for women. The Assos Women's Chamois Creme has been formulated specifically to soothe women's sensitive skin.

Assos Women’s Chamois Creme applies easily to the rider and their shorts to create a friction-free ride without the greasiness normally associated with other chamois creams. While the characteristic ‘tingle’ of an Assos Chamois Creme is still present, the cream works its magic and does an admirable job at reducing friction from chafing, and it works well to combat any sense of tenderness as well from long days in the saddle.

Even if your current riding setup without chamois cream is good enough, or even comfortable, one ride with the Assos Women’s Chamois Creme will allow you to ride longer and come closer to that ever-closer goal of cycling nirvana.