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CADEX 65 Disc Tubeless Wheelset

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CADEX 65 Disc Tubeless Wheelset

Brand: CADEX
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CADEX is a completely new line of components from a company that aims to make the best-performing cycling components in the world. For as big a claim as this is, their origins as using Giant's - yes, that Giant - know-how and latest technology is entirely legitimate. The CADEX 42 Tubeless Wheelset is the brand's aero wheelset, made to offer cyclists maximum aero performance without compromising on weight, stability, or acceleration.

There's a load of tech in each wheelset. The rims are designed with a hookless bead. to provide the best flow transition from the tire to the sidewall of the rim, resulting in reduced aerodynamic loss when compared to standard hook bead rims. They feature a continuous carbon fiber structure enhancing overall durability while maintaining an aerodynamic shape and low weight. The carbon spokes are truable, directional to shave drag, and they mimic the shape of the blades on the four-spoke TT wheel. As for the hubs, they are nondescript but function ideally.

CADEX-specific brake pad features a specifically designed channel to optimize water displacement as well as an all-new compound allowing the pad to conform better to the brake track, resulting in more precise and effortless braking without brake fade that comes with many rim brake carbon wheels.

At just 1425 grams for a wheelset, the CADEX 65 Tubeless Wheelset looks to be among the lightest wheelsets on the market that manages strong aerodynamics and ride quality. This wheelset features Shimano HG 11-speed and SRAM XDR freehub options. Its hookless bead works with any tubeless-ready tire, though CADEX says it works best with their own CADEX Race Tubeless tires.

CADEX 65 rims feature a 65 mm depth, 26 mm external width and 22 mm internal width. All tubeless rims feature a hookless bead, though the hookless bead design promises a smoother bead transition than that of a standard clincher design.

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