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CADEX Forward 148mm Boost Saddle Black

SKU: 210000105592

CADEX Forward 148mm Boost Saddle Black

Brand: CADEX
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Not familiar with CADEX? That makes sense, as a new brand focused on producing the best carbon fiber components imaginable. They have substantial backing from Giant - yeah, that Giant - but have their own set of engineers that allow them to take advantage of some of the best carbon technology available. This development extends past their wheels and into their saddle. The CADEX Boost saddle takes advantage of that same technology to improve comfort with no sacrifice to performance.

The CADEX Boost name comes from the shape, which matches the snub-nose design of several new saddles on the market. This is paired to unique ETPU particles in the padding of the saddle, designed to mold to the rider's sit bones to provide excellent support over a long ride. The magic here comes from the carbon shell and rails. Together, the rails go from all the way in the back of the saddle to the front to offer just-right amounts of flex and vibration damping. Altogether, this makes for a comfortable, powerful saddle for rides long and short.

The CADEX Boost weighs in at a lithe 138 grams and is compatible with seatposts designed for round rails. It is offered in one size, with a 149mm width, 246mm length, and 44mm stack height.

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