Colnago E64 Ultegra

Product Description

The Colnago E64 e-road bike takes inspiration from the venerated Colnago C64 road bike. While it lacks the unique lugged construction of the C64, the E64 manages to ape Colnago's longest-running nameplate in construction, geometry, and handling. It eschews the unique lugged tube construction of the C64 and instead uses a traditional monocoque carbon construction. The E64's paint scheme is meant to evoke the C64 but goes short of fully aping it. But it has their star-shaped tubing profiles, a similar (if not the same) fork design, and very similar D-shaped seatpost.

E64 is meant to handle like a C64, with the signature sloping geometry they say furthers its case as a lighter, stiffer, and stronger frame than the competition. The bottom bracket area is larger, with a larger downtube to house the battery and wiring of the Ebikemotion X35 drive unit.

The E64 is based around the Ebikemotion X35 drive unit, a hub-based motor that offers 40 Nm torque and 250 W power, and offers drag-free operation above the 20 mph assist limit. Assist levels are controlled by what Orbea calls the iWoc ONE controller, a single LED-backlit button that is embedded in the top tube. From here, riders can select between three levels of assist, and see where their battery life is mid-ride. Need more information? Ebikemotion offers a companion app that not only offers battery life and power output but GPS navigation and auto-uploading to Strava.

Accompanying the stealthy motor is a 250 Wh battery that offers strong performance despite its diminutive size (Orbea doesn’t make any claims, but many riders say that the battery gets 60+ miles of range with juice to spare). This keeps weight low (the whole pedal assist system weighs in at under 7 pounds), and combined with the M20i’s carbon frame and fork ensures the bike handles much more like a normal road bike than a hulking e-bike. The hub-based drive motor is drag-free when not offering a helping hand, but when they do offer a helping hand, assist is sneaky and well-disguised.

The Colnago E64 e-road bike starts with the E64 carbon frame and fork housing the Ebikemotion X35 drive motor and battery. This is accompanied by a Shimano Ultegra R8020 mechanical drivetrain, a Mavic Aksium Elite EVO UST wheelset, Continental Ultra Sport II 700 x 28c tires, and Deda ZERO handlebar and stem. Six sizes are available (43 - 58 cm).

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