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Contender Shazam Socks

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Let's go back to 2010 and remember some of our favorite cycling apparel trends. Everywhere you'd look, there were bright colors on the bike and on clothing, seen as a revolt against people taking themselves and the sport too seriously. This trend spilled into road bikes and road cycling apparel, as the average kit usually bordered on garish. Years removed from bright pastels and highlighter yellow, we have what we think is the perfect balance of understated and expressive: the Contender Shazam Kit. This includes the Contender Shazam Sock.

The Contender Shazam Sock is one of our favorite socks yet, for its excellent blend of value and compression. Our sock is lightweight but Meryl Skinlife fibers that wick moisture away manage to offer enough compression for increased circulation and greater arch support. A sock this thin with Meryl Skinlife claims to help maintain your skin's natural bacterial balance. This is paired to a stylish six-inch cuff, the perfect place to show off our "bolt from the blue" ethos.

The Contender Shazam Sock is available in two sizes (S/M-L/XL). See our complete Contender Shazam kit in men's and women's versions HERE.

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