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Contender x Giordana Cyclist Jersey

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Contender x Giordana Cyclist Jersey

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Brand: Giordana
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Stand out or join the group? Do both with the all new Contender x Giordana Peloton kit and everyone on your group ride will take notice.  Call Contender Bicycles at 801-364-0344 for availability.

The Contender x Giordana Peloton men’s jersey is full of color, full of life, full of inclusion and full of excitement. That describes cycling in a nutshell - all are welcome.

The Contender x Giordana Cyclist kit comes in a jersey, bib shorts and matching socks from our pals at SockGuy. Red, yellow, green, pink, blue and silver cyclists form a colorfully patterned peloton on a silver background. The colors are then combined on sleeve and leg hems to accent and compliment the simplicity of the design.

Add a Contender Bicycles cycling cap and complete the matchy-matchy look.

With a full zipper in front and three pockets on the back, the Contender x Giordana Cyclist women’s jersey has a silicone grip strip along the bottom hem to ensure it doesn’t ride up in back when you’re in the drops and won’t ride up in front when you’re raising your arms in victory at the finish line.

Carefully tailored to fit cyclists small, tall, large and little, you’ll enjoy the snug, but not too tight club fit that is aero yet works perfectly with base layers.

At Contender Bicycles, we don’t care what kind of bike you ride. We don’t care how much you ride. We’re not really concerned about your wheel size, the amount of travel in your suspension system or even the color of your jersey. If your ride has two wheels and pedals … you’re part of our peloton.

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