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Easton EC70 Aero Handlebar

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Easton EC70 Aero Handlebar

Brand: Easton
Categories: Handlebars
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The Easton EC70 Aero Handlebar is designed for road cyclists who want to improve their aerodynamics and reduce drag. Made from Easton's proprietary EC70 carbon fiber, the handlebar is lightweight and strong, offering a good balance of stiffness and compliance. The handlebar features a unique aero profile that helps to reduce drag, with internal cable routing that further improves aerodynamics. The handlebar has a reach of 80mm and a drop of 125mm, making it easy to reach from the hoods and providing a comfortable position for descending.

The handlebar also has a flat top section that provides a comfortable grip for climbing and an ergonomic bend that supports a variety of hand positions. The 31.8mm clamp diameter is compatible with most modern road bike setups, and the available widths provide a range of options to suit different riders' preferences. At a weight of 255 grams, it's a lightweight option that won't weigh down your bike. The Easton EC70 Aero Handlebar is a high-quality choice for riders who want a lightweight and aerodynamic handlebar that provides excellent performance and control.



  • Material: Easton EC70 Carbon Fiber

  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm

  • Reach: 80 mm

  • Drop: 125 mm

  • Width (C-to-C): 38 cm, 40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm, or 46 cm (depending on model)

  • Flare: None

  • Weight: 255 grams (42 cm width)