ENVE Brake Pad 10mm Black Shimano/SRAM Pair Textured Braking Surface (Standard) Components Enve
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ENVE Brake Pads

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ENVE brake pads are designed specifically for use with ENVE carbon fiber rims. They are made from a proprietary blend of materials that is optimized for use with carbon rims, providing consistent and reliable braking performance in all conditions.

ENVE brake pads feature a unique design that includes a metal carrier plate and a replaceable brake pad insert. This design allows for easy maintenance and replacement of the brake pads, without having to remove the entire brake pad assembly.

The brake pad inserts are available in two different compounds: Standard and Plus. The Standard compound is designed for use in dry conditions and offers excellent stopping power, while the Plus compound is optimized for wet and muddy conditions, providing improved modulation and control.

ENVE brake pads are designed to minimize heat buildup, which is a concern when braking with carbon rims. The pads feature a cooling fin design that increases airflow and reduces heat buildup, helping to prevent overheating and potential damage to the rims.

It's important to note that ENVE brake pads should only be used with ENVE carbon rims. Using other brake pads can potentially damage the rims and compromise braking performance.

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