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Enve M685 Wheelset

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Enve M685 Wheelset

Brand: Enve
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It took ENVE a bit to get to this point, but everyone's favorite carbon wheel manufacturer finally has carbon fat bike rims and carbon fat bike wheels for those looking to ride all season long. The ENVE M685 27.5” Fat Bike Wheelset with Industry Nine hubs promises performance that's best in class, and we have no reason to doubt it.

ENVE started their newest rim with their patented Wide Hookless Bead technology, which allows the rim to be tubeless-compatible and reduce pinch flats by up to 50%. At just 600g, it meets M6-series performance criteria in terms of impact toughness and durability for trail riding. This makes it a great choice for riding all season long, both in the dirt and in the snow.

The M685 features an ENVE first asymmetric molded spoke hole design. This design offsets each spoke hole so that optimal spoke alignment and angle can be achieved. Each spoke hole is locally reinforced to further assist in saving unnecessary rim weight. This design also maintains the spokes as far from the snow as possible which further aids in preventing build up on the rim.

This ENVE M685 27.5” Fat Bike Wheelset uses Industry Nine (I9) Torch hubs, 28 spokes per wheel, and utilizes 6-bolt rotors and Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes. Spacing is 15 x 150 mm up front, and 12 x 197 mm out back. SRAM XD driver and Shimano HG freehubs are both available, with myriad rim decal color options available as well.

Recommended tire sizes range from 3.8 - 4.5" wide tires, with recommended pressures going from as low as 5 PSI to as high as 10 PSI. Wheelset weight is 2060g.