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Fabric M200 Hi Volume MTB Mini Pump SV

SKU: 210000081572

Fabric M200 Hi Volume MTB Mini Pump SV

Brand: Fabric
Categories: Pumps-co2
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The M200 offers fast inflation to 30psi, and a maximum inflation of 50psi. The 29mm barrel has a 104CC capacity: more than three times that of the R200 road pump. A raft of innovative features make this the Fabric pump of choice for trail riders.
Mountain bike riders have specific demands for a pump to carry on the trail. The M200 meets them all. The 29mm, 104CC capacity barrel has been designed to swiftly inflate large volume tyres to 30psi, with a further 10psi in reserve for a maximum inflation of 40psi.


  • Length: 235mm
  • Capacity: 104cc
  • Over-handle design
  • Sandblasted aluminum body
  • Snap fit frame mount included
  • For hi-volume tyres 40psi / 2.8bar
  • Fast inflation of large volume tyres
  • Compatible with Presta or Schrader valve heads