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Feedback Sports - Sport Mechanic Repair Stand

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Feedback Sports - Sport Mechanic Repair Stand

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The Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Repair Stand is a high-quality and durable bike repair stand that is designed to make bike maintenance and repair tasks easier and more efficient. The stand is made from high-quality aluminum, which makes it lightweight and easy to move around, while also providing excellent stability and durability.

One of the standout features of this repair stand is its easy-to-use clamp system, which allows you to securely attach your bike to the stand without damaging the frame or components. The clamp can accommodate tubes up to 1.9 inches in diameter, and it can rotate 360 degrees for easy access to all parts of the bike.

The Sport Mechanic Repair Stand also features a sturdy tripod base, which provides excellent stability and prevents wobbling or tipping during use. The legs can be easily folded up for storage or transport, and the stand itself can be adjusted to a variety of heights to accommodate different types of bikes and workspaces.