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Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle

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Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle

Brand: Fizik
Categories: Saddles
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The Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle is a road bike saddle designed for long-distance comfort and performance. It features a carbon-reinforced nylon shell that is both lightweight and durable, and it is designed to flex slightly in the middle to absorb road vibrations and provide support for the rider's sit bones.

The saddle also features a Wing Flex design that allows the sides of the saddle to flex slightly, which enhances the rider's comfort while pedaling. It has a 7mm K:ium alloy rail that is strong and lightweight, and it is compatible with most seatpost clamp designs.

The Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle has a length of 265mm and a width of 142mm, making it suitable for most riders. The saddle is covered in Microtex, a highly durable and weather-resistant material that provides excellent grip and is easy to clean. The padding is made from a high-density foam that provides excellent support and comfort for the rider.

The Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle is a well-designed and highly functional bike saddle that combines comfort, durability, and performance. Its carbon-reinforced nylon shell with Wing Flex technology make it a great choice for long rides and rough roads, while its K:ium alloy rail and Microtex cover ensure that it is both strong and weather-resistant. If you're looking for a high-performance bike saddle that can help you perform at your best, the Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle is definitely worth considering.



  • Shape: Anatomic with a slight curve and a flat top surface

  • Rails: K:ium alloy rails (7mm)

  • Shell: Carbon-reinforced nylon shell with Wing Flex technology

  • Padding: High-density foam padding

  • Cover: Microtex cover with excellent grip and weather-resistance

  • Dimensions: 265mm length x 142mm width

  • Weight: 259 grams (claimed)

  • Recommended use: Road cycling

  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years