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Fizik Tempo Argo R1 Saddle

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Fizik Tempo Argo R1 Saddle

Brand: Fizik
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The Fizik Vento Argo R5 saddle is one of many saddles under the Fizik Argo name. Vento Argo is the Italian brand’s performance-oriented line of short-nosed saddles, and the R3 is Fizik’s high-end short-nose performance saddle. Vento Argo R3 features their Type 1 foam, which is all about reactivity, springiness, and ideal power transfer without the bulk. This is paired with a short-nose shape that places the rider in a planted position by allowing the rider to rotate their hips farther than a standard saddle. Its prodigious center cutout means riders can sit farther forward without excess pressure on sensitive areas.

Fizik Vento Argo R3 utilizes a carbon-reinforced nylon shell and stiff carbon rail rail. Vento Argo is available in 140mm and 150mm widths and is best suited to aggressive, performance-oriented body positioning.