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Honey Stinger Performance Chews

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Honey Stinger Performance Chews

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Extra tasty and extra effective, the Honey Stinger Performance Chews provide the electrolytes and nutrition to keep you going plus a hefty dose of caffeine for that added boost.

Honey Stinger's PLUS+ line supports higher intensity and longer duration exercise with convenient chews that contain caffeine and electrolytes. Caffeine supports heart rate during prolonged efforts, increasing blood flow and oxygenation through the body. The electrolyte mixture of sodium, potassium, and calcium replenishes electrolyte reserves to keep you hydrated during epic efforts.

PLUS+ Performance Chews contain extra electrolytes and 75mg of caffeine to help you push harder and go farther. When your activities call for more, PLUS+ chews help your mind and body prepare and perform at your peak. Honey provides energy, caffeine reduces perceived exertion, and electrolytes replenish what your body sweats out — which means you can give it your all for longer.