Kask Mojito X


Kask Mojito X

Brand: KASK
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The newest version of the Kask Mojito X is as innovative as its predecessor with upgraded safety features and state-of-the-art technology. Even if the differences between the new Mojito X Helmet from Kask and previous Mojito are subtle and not noticeable at the very first glance, this is a sturdy helmet that makes you feel comfortable and exudes Italian style from every angle – a must-have for every rider.

While designing a helmet it is necessary to ensure it is robust, without becoming bulky and cumbersome. The patented In-Moulding system of the Kask Mojito X perfectly meets those criteria as it is created using high heat and pressure in order to guarantee extra durability, without adding any more weight. It works in tandem with the tough MIT polycarbonate shell that is laid over the top by bonding the inner polystyrene cap to it. Thus the helmet has excellent impact resistance.

There is nothing more frustrating than an ill-fitting helmet when riding a bike. Not only that, but it distracts you from the road ahead and can lead to fatalities as well. The Up’n’Down adjustment system of the Kask Mojito X has been specifically incorporated to modify width and height as per preference and comfort level. The ratchet adjustment ensures the helmet sits below the occipital bone for an optimal fit every time.

Riders often complain that their helmets tend to slip while riding – this could be really dangerous! That is why the liner of the Kask Mojito X contains a special gel with non-slip features so your helmet stays in once place for the duration of your ride. It won’t slip or slide under any circumstances.

The padding on the interior of the Kask Mojito X helmet is gentle against your head so you don’t feel the least bit of discomfort. To ensure you feel as fresh in your last kilometer as you did in the first, the padding is treated with antibacterial and antimicrobial finishes. 26 vents are incorporated into the helmet design to encourage sufficient circulation of air. Even if the temperature is soaring, plenty of cool air will flow through the helmet so you don’t feel sweaty. The air rushes in freely to dry perspiration while letting excessive heat exhaust.

The chinstrap of the Kask Mojito X is made using faux leather and is hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about breaking out into rashes after a ride. It is way more comfy than the typical salt crusted nylon strap used in helmets that feel like its cutting into your skin and often leave gashes. The chinstrap of the Mojito X is easily removable and washable.

Ordinarily, riding after the dark is considered unsafe due to low visibility, but the Kask Mojito X comes with reflective elements so you are clearly visible to drivers, riders, and pedestrians in low light conditions.


• The helmet is lightweight and comfortable – it weighs 220g and has 26 vents to ensure decent airflow even when you ride hard.

• Up’n’Down adjustment system offers a snug fit due to its dual pivot design and tensioning dial.

• Padding is soft and comfy, and can be removed so there is no odour accumulation. It is treated with antibacterial finishes for better freshness.

• Multi In-Moulding impact protection system with a polycarbonate layer over the shell makes it tougher than ever, while helping with impact force dissipation.

• Non-slip gel ensures the helmet stays firmly in place during the most grueling of rides.