Product Description

Since 2007, the Larry vs Harry Bullitt cargo bike has been the lifeblood of serious messengers, cargo carriers, and anti-car aficionados alike. It's for good reason; the Bullitt is as wide as a standard bike, can carry your load and has tons of style, whether or not it's loaded. For those looking for a bit more juice, the Bullitt has a new model: the Larry vs Harry eBullitt E6000 cargo bike. With a Shimano STEPS pedal-assist motor, a Di2 electric drivetrain, and an extremely nimble platform, the eBullitt is a must have for anyone looking to step up your game.

The Larry vs Harry eBullitt is based off of the standard Bullitt cargo bike, which uses an alloy frame and steel fork. The eBullitt takes it up a notch with it's Shimano STEPS E6000 pedal-assist drive motor. This motor offers up to 50 Nm of torque, and combines with the 418Wh battery to give riders enough range for a full day of riding and commuting. The bike is designed for package delivery in urban areas like Copenhagen; as such the bike holds up to 400 lb, rider included. With it's 26” rear wheel and 20” front wheel, the modular cargo bed allows for a myriad of cargo carrying possibilities, ranging from basic boxes to a fully-covered two-child seat option. The Shimano Alfine Di2 hub syncs perfectly with the Shimano STEPS motor, and is designed to downshift at every stop light to put riders in the optimal gear.

How does a cargo bike handle on the road? For many, the long wheelbase and additional weight could be a bit disconcerting. The Bullitt, compared to other cargo bikes, offers a short wheelbase, lower weight, and a well-designed front wheel linkage. As such, it feels much more responsive, faster, and lighter on its feet then the competition. The eBullitt weighs just 49 lb before accessories, meaning it weighs similarly to normal pedal-assist bikes from other brands. Power delivery is linear, and with assist on, the motor is very quiet compared to the competition. Overall, the package is remarkably cohesive, is more than powerful enough for the climbs around Salt Lake City and the mountains around here.

The Larry vs Harry eBullitt Alfine 11 Di2 uses a Shimano STEPS E6000 drivetrain, and is ideal for urban environments and places that a bit flatter. They pair this to their Shimano Alfine 11 Di2 drivetrain, powerful Magura MT5 brakes, Schwalbe Marathon tires, and an Alex Rims Supra wheelset. All bikes come with fenders, integrated lights (a B&M IQ2 Eyc headlight and a B&M Secula rear light), and an Abus Amparo rear wheel lock. The eBullitt is extremely customizable, from it's wide array of colorways to the range of accessories to carry cargo in a myriad of ways.

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