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Michelin Power Endurance Tire 700x25c

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The Michelin Power Endurance Tire is a high-performance bicycle tire designed for endurance riding. The 700x25c size refers to the tire's diameter of 700 millimeters and width of 25 millimeters, which is a common size for road bikes.

The Michelin Power Endurance tire features a durable and puncture-resistant design, with a bead-to-bead Protek layer that provides added protection against cuts and punctures. The tire's rubber compound is also designed for longevity, providing excellent durability and resistance to wear.

The tire's tread pattern is optimized for low rolling resistance and high grip, providing excellent traction and control on both wet and dry roads. The tire also features Michelin's Grip Compound technology, which enhances grip by using a specific combination of materials in the tire's rubber.

The Michelin Power Endurance Tire is an excellent choice for endurance riders looking for a high-performance tire that can withstand the rigors of long-distance riding while providing exceptional traction and durability.

  • Tire size: 700x25c

  • Tire type: Clincher

  • TPI (threads per inch): 110

  • Bead: Foldable

  • Weight: 220 grams (claimed weight by Michelin, actual weight may vary)

  • Recommended tire pressure: 87-116 psi

  • Compound: Michelin Grip Compound (enhances grip and provides long-lasting performance)

  • Protek layer: Bead-to-bead layer that provides added puncture protection

  • Tread pattern: X-Miles Compound (optimized for low rolling resistance and high grip)

  • Usage: Endurance riding (long-distance riding with a focus on durability and performance)

  • Compatibility: Compatible with 700c wheels and road bikes with 25mm tire clearance.

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