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Neversecond C30 Ice Gel

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Neversecond C30 Ice Gel

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Say hello to C30 Ice Gels – the coolest energy companions out there! Freeze 'em, fuel up with 'em. Each packs a punch of 30g of fast absorbing quick energy in a fun ice pop format, while a hint of citrus coolness refreshes your taste buds. Oh, and don't forget the 200mg sodium boost for hydration!

Just remember, they're frosty champs, not standard gels! Freeze them standing up for at least 3 hours, slice the top, wait a bit, then enjoy the icy goodness. Perfect for hot weather heroics – 1-3 gels per intense workout hour, depending on your style. Let's freeze, squeeze, and seize the moment. 

*Please note that this product is only intended to be consumed as a frozen energy product. Do not consume this product as a standard energy gel. Freeze, standing up and not lying down. Cut off wrapper top before use. Squeeze from the bottom up and consume like an ice pop.