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OPEN DE-FENDER complete set for WIDE

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OPEN DE-FENDER complete set for WIDE

Brand: OPEN
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Typically, riding in dirt, mud or rain comes with the expectation of getting a little dirty yourself. It just comes with the territory. Sometimes, like when you’re commuting to-from work or just riding around town, you’d prefer to stay as clean as possible during and after your ride and the new Open Cycle De-Fender is here for you.

Unlike generic fender sets, the Open De-Fender has been designed and built to integrate with the Open WI.DE. bike frame perfectly. The secret is the custom ‘mini-axle’ created by Carbon-Ti – the same people who make Open Cycle’s thru axle. The mini axle slides perfectly into the thru axle and uses a pair of small spacers to prevent the fender blades from making contact with the fork and chainstay/seatstay junction.

Small, invisible mounts on the seatstay crown and beneath the fork crown create seamless integration of the De-Fender so your bike retains its crisp, clean and uncluttered aesthetic your expect with an Open Cycle bike.

While the De-Fender is compatible with Open UP and UPPER models on the front wheel, Open Cycle does not recommend using the De-Fender on the rear wheel for those models due to tire clearance requirements. Because the De-Fender occupies the same space as the tire, you may need to reduce your tire size to ride with the De-Fender. It’s important to note that officially, fenders are designed for tires with no or little profile. Keep that in mind when choosing your winter tire.

These are not your average mini-fenders, either. The full coverage of the rear fender provides quality protection from moisture splashing from road to rider. The front fender extends from just beyond the fork to well past the splash zone closer to the down tube. 

Sold as a set with fenders, stays, blades and axle, the De-Fender is offers a separate option to purchase just the blades, stays and axles because Open Cycle knows those things just get damaged every now and then.

Transform your weekend gravel Open WI.DE. to a weekday commuter bike during the rainy or snowy months. Ride clean. Ride in style.