SKU: 210000118125

OPEN One+ Frameset (Ready to Paint)

SKU: 210000118125

OPEN One+ Frameset (Ready to Paint)

Brand: OPEN
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You did it. You finally found your dream bike. It has all the features you'd want, and it seems perfect for how you envision riding it. The only issue? Color. Maybe you're lukewarm on how it looks, and there's one nagging part that prevents you from truly loving the bike. Perhaps your friend already has a bike that color, and you'd never want to been seen matching someone else. Luckily for you, OPEN has a solution: the OPEN ONE+ Frameset (Ready to Paint). RTP, or "Ready to Paint", is the blank canvas of a bicycle that you deserve to build your dream bike.

When the groundbreaking OPEN frame, the OPEN O-1.0, hit the scene in 2012, the cross country mountain bike world got a taste of what advanced composites and an obsession with design could create.  The O-1.0 remained the lightest production hardtail frame for several years and is still lighter than nearly all hardtails offered by the competition today.  Four years later, the dynamic German powerhouse has built on the success of the O-1.0 and created the next generation of ultra-lightweight, ultra-versatile mountain bike frame, the OPEN One+ Frameset.

The OPEN One+ shares the O-1.0's uber-clean esthetic and is actually similar in weight, but that's where the similarities end.  While OPEN likely could have shaved additional grams of frame weight, the advancements in the One+ focus on stiffness and versatility.  Gerard Vroomen (known in road-circles for his work creating Cervelo) knows a little something about carbon fiber and applies the latest knowledge of materials and tube shaping to the One+.  The frame's downtube and chainstays are massive, giving the OPEN its incredible power transfer.  The seatstays, however, are pencil thin, creating additional flex for the 27.2 seatpost.  In addition to dramatically shaped tubes, Open uses an optimal blend of various types of composites (such as high AND low modulus carbons) to perfect stiffness, ride quality, impact resistance, and strength.  The result is a beautiful riding frame that's meant to be ridden.  And ridden hard.  And at 890 grams, the One+ is as light as it gets.

The latest industry standards are applied to the OPEN One+ Frameset, including a BB92 bottom bracket, which moves the bearings as wide as possible (92mm wide, to be exact).  This increases crank stiffness and also allows for a wider downtube and chainstays.  The move to BB92 also allows the One+ to use nearly every standard crank on the market, including Shimano XTR and Sram Eagle, without the need for adaptors.  The One+ also moves away from a standard quick release rear end in favor or a 12mm Thru-Axle.  While many hardtails are still using the 12x142 standard, OPEN opted for BOOST 12x148 hub spacing, which creates a stiffer and stronger rear wheel.  BOOST, along with dramatic chainstay and seatstay engineering, allows the One+ the versatility to not only run a big 29" tire, but also the latest 27.5" Plus tires.

With its roots set in high-performance XC riding, the One+ is designed around 29" tires.  With the big wheels, the One+ can run a 29x2.4" tire, which is a lot of tire clearance for a hardtail.  For additional grip, tire compliance, and just plain fun, the One+ will also accept a 27.5" x 3" Plus tire.  In terms of traction, Plus offers a significant improvement over more traditional tires sizes, making it great for loose dirt, sand, and for less-technical riders looking for the fun and challenge mountain biking offers.  And because the overall tire diameters are nearly identical, the OPEN One+ maintains the nearly the same bottom bracket height and geometry, so there are no compromises to the handling.  The end result is an incredibly fun bike to ride, and being an OPEN, is also extremely light and efficient.

Why choose the OPEN ONE+ Frameset (Ready to Paint)? Because you want to create a bike that is truly an extension of your style and taste, perhaps with the same desirability of the most beautiful one-off bikes around. We offer an inside line to custom paint, in any way you'd like it. Everything is done with a wet paint, even down to the 3T logo on the downtube. Custom paint generally costs $350-800, depending on the paint scheme. Some examples can be seen HERE. With a wide array of paints in both gloss and matte, the color of your next ONE+ is only limited to your imagination.

Looking to build your new OPEN ONE+ Frameset (Ready to Paint) to your exacting specifications? Contact our OPEN Cycle and custom build experts at the shop, or shoot us an email at With a huge number of options for your wheels, drivetrain and everything in between, we can help meet any of your goals. And if you'd rather leave the choices to us, check out our list of preferred builds HERE.