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Pearl Izumi Amfib Lite Balaclava

SKU: 210000137336

Pearl Izumi Amfib Lite Balaclava

Brand: Pearl Izumi
Categories: Headwear
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This balaclava is made of Polartec Wind Pro fabric on the leading edge to block the wind, while the rest of the headwear is made of thermal material. The material cuts are really interesting, with a hinged bottom half to make it easier to move the balaclava away from your nose and face. If you've ever used something that covers the mouth when it's cold (like a balaclava), the ability to move fabric away from the face matters quite a bit.

The Pearl Izumi Amfib Lite Balaclava doesn't offer a ton of frills, and nothing to make it draw attention to itself. But that's what you want when you're trying to stay warm. And while it won't keep 40 to 45 percent of your body heat from escaping the body, you'll thank yourself for grabbing the Amfib Lite Balaclava when temperatures drop.