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Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S Folding Tire

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Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S Folding Tire

Brand: Pirelli
Categories: Tires
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Outsiders rarely settle for the status quo, especially when it’s important to distinguish themselves in some way. Often, these outsiders settle for a gimmick of some sort, relying on flashy marketing over substantive testing and design. Pirelli, in their substantial break from cycling, have taken to bringing their own design, technology, and know-how to cycling tires. The Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S folding tire takes Pirelli’s design and technology to form one of the best all-season road bike tires on the market.

One of the things that makes the P Zero Velo 4S so impressive is Pirelli’s work in designing its tread pattern. Pirelli claim that tread pattern on a road bike tire is more important than other brands give it credit, and as such they’ve paid great attention to this. The pattern, based off their venerated Diablo Supercorsa superbike tire, features deeper tread for better water-shedding ability in the wet. This tread design promises greater grip; ideal tread placement makes for a 20% larger contact patch when cornering, compared to a tread-less design. Pirelli’s tread design leads to greater grip in both wet and dry from Pirelli’s SmartNET Silica compound. This proprietary compound features longitudinally-placed molecules that ensure low rolling resistance and greater grip when compared to other high-performance road bike tires.

The P Zero Velo 4S is differentiated by blue logos, which delineate greater puncture resistance, grip in all conditions, and a longer-wearing casing. It features a 127 tpi casing, like the other PZero Velo tires. As such, ride is similar to their the standard tire, but with an emphasis on grip and predictability in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

The Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S folding tire is available in three widths: 23c (205g), 25c (220g), and 28c (250g).