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Pirelli P Zero Velo TT Folding Tire

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Pirelli P Zero Velo TT Folding Tire

Brand: Pirelli
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The Pirelli P Zero Velo road tire has quickly become a shop favorite for it's combination of excellent grip, low rolling resistance, and supple feel at a reasonable price considering how good the tire is. The standard P Zero Velo is an excellent all-rounder, while the blue-labeled P Zero Velo 4S tire still offers excellent speed with increased rolling resistance. The Pirelli P Zero Velo TT folding tire is race-ready, and it truly feels it.

Pirelli’s claim to having the best road tire in the market isn’t unfounded. They start with their SmartNET Silica compound, a proprietary compound that is designed to be grippy in the wet and dry. Pirelli then modify it such that each silica molecule lines up parallel to the tire, with a claim that it lowers rolling resistance. They then use this compound in a 127 tpi casing, and use the same tread design as the renowned Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa superbike tires. This lightning-shaped tread enhances grip in the wet and allows for more even tire wear, and delineates the three different contact points of the tire. All of this combines to make a tire that weighs in at a svelte 165g for a 23c tire (180g for 25c).

Statistics provide credibility for anything, but we are proud to say that the tire performs as any tire carrying the Pirelli name should. The P Zero Velo TT not only grips as well as they claim, but rolling resistance feels pleasantly low in the real world, and is backed up by independent testing. Their fastest tire makes a noticeable difference out on the road, where it's lack of mass makes the tires feel exceptionally compliant.

The Pirelli P Zero Velo Folding Tire is available in 23c and 25c variations. This being the red compound tire, this is designed to be their high-performance road tire, at the expense of some puncture protection and overall longevity. These tires are not tubeless-ready.