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PRO Stealth Carbon Saddle

SKU: 210000084631

PRO Stealth Carbon Saddle

Brand: Shimano
Categories: Saddles
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The PRO Stealth Carbon Saddle is one of the few saddles on the market that seemingly feels more comfortable the more aggressively you place yourself on the bike. Its snub-nose design essentially chops off the saddle's nose and widens the back of the saddle to relieve pressure on soft tissue when your hips are rotated forward. Less soft tissue pressure means you can spend time in the drops for longer without feeling excess pressure on your back and spine.

The PRO Stealth Carbon saddle uses lightweight carbon rails to ease road vibrations, while the wider than average nose offers stability and a strong pedaling platform when you're looking to ride on top of the bottom bracket. The rear of the saddle has a subtle flair that creates great support when climbing. Making this design possible is a large center cutout.

This unisex design is available with either 142 mm or 152 mm widths. The Stealth Carbon is compatible with a number of Pro’s accessories, including a race number holder, GoPro camera mount, or CO2 canister and tube holder.