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Q36.5 Salopette Dottore L1 Lady

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Q36.5 Salopette Dottore L1 Lady

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Brand: Q36.5
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Q36.5 is as much a brand based around research as it is a retail line. That tends to mean that there's a lot of technical details, interesting names for new fabrics, and the higher pricing that often comes with innovation. Here's why the Q36.5 Salopette Dottore L1 Lady women's bib short is worth it.

The Q36.5 Salopette Dottore L1 Lady short is based around proper fit, which they call their Ergogenic Pattern. This means that fit is very snug, but it avoids making the rider feeling like a summer sausage. You'll find that the fabric provides muscles a ton of support over a long ride, reducing fatigue on longer rides. Part of that has to do with the little vectors going down each leg, what they call Vectorial Elasticity. As the vectors increase in proximity (as the fabric goes toward the kneecap), the fabric becomes more compressive, allowing the short to help promote blood flow. Further, the vectors are oriented to operate with minimal resistance on the downstroke, with just enough support to help bring your leg back on the upstroke. This allows the short to stay in place comfortably without the use of silicone. Small things, but it makes a difference is how the short feels on the bike.

Q36.5 doesn't make a huge fuss about their chamois, but here it's truly killer. Their proprietary pad offers more coverage than your standard chamois pad, but it's not at all diaper-like, like other bib shorts can feel. It's comfortable, lightweight, but extremely durable. Overall materials feel more paper-like than your typical lycra bib short, but the fabric is actual made of varying densities, again to improve fit specific to women.

In fact, perhaps the most remarkable thing about these shorts is their durability and longevity. Many report frequent usage of Q36.5 bib shorts and bibs over the course of a year, with them feeling like new at the end. We feel the same way.

The Q36.5 Salopette Dottore L1 Lady women's bib short is available in four sizes, XS-L.