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Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro Wheelset

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Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro Wheelset

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Want to learn more about Reynolds' latest line of gravel bike wheels? Find out more about the process and our thoughts behind the G-Series in the Reynolds Blacklabel G650 Pro Wheelset Review.

For those riders whose definition of gravel and adventure comes with a healthy dose of adrenaline and who won’t accept any compromise between efficiency and durability, the answer comes in the form of Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro Wheelset. For unrelenting performance that fears no terrain, the G Series collection of gravel wheels is built to be as lightweight and efficient as possible while guaranteeing an amazingly resistant construction.

This collection is able to achieve such a lofty feat by way of a lower 26mm profile and sophisticated carbon layup that keeps weight to a minimum. The carbon engineers at the Reynolds R+D facility were able to design such an amazing lightweight construction yet guarantee durability by incorporating their own proprietary IDM (IMPACT DISPERSING MATRIX) method (in the BLACKLABEL PRO and Expert models). In other words, the same technology employed by Reynolds to guarantee reliable performance construction in its World Cup Downhill and Enduro World Series finds its way into the most efficient and fearless gravel wheel on the market. Efficient, bombproof, lightweight: pick three.

The Reynolds G700 and G650 wheels are 700c and 650b in size respectively and their 25mm internal channel, both hookless and tubeless in design, mates perfectly with gravel and MTB tires from 38mm to 52mm. The more generous dimensions and compatibility with larger tires underline the G Series mission to open up a whole new world of adventure performance possibilities for the rider lucky enough to have them under his or her ride.

Not only is this Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro Wheelset lightweight and extremely resistant to impact but its particular form makes for an even more efficient overall construction. The asymmetric design permits more equal spoke tensions for better durability, power transfer, and ride quality overall.