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Ripton & Co. Men's V4 Jorts

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Ripton & Co. Men's V4 Jorts

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Everything old is new again. This time, it's Jorts making the comeback and the Ripton & Co. Men's V4 Jorts harken back to the days when all shorts were just modified jeans - but now stretchy for active lifestyles.

Hemmed or cut-off style, the Ripton & Co. Men's V4 Jorts are perfect for shred seasons on the mountain as well as kicking around town in the summer sun.

V4 Deep Indigo: The deepest, darkest wash to-date, a blank canvas ready for the rowdiest iconoclast. Deep Indigo is more blood, mud, and grease resistant. Like a Fender Stratocaster, these jorts need to be picked up and rocked. Ultra violet, electric indigo, when basted in bike grease they shimmer like a plump Merlot grape hanging from a late summer vine. The great reopening of summer 2021 beckons for jorts, and the V4’s pack more spunk and value than any jort ever made yet.

V4 Blue Steel: Our ocean blue wash, blue steel is like the reflection of the Mediterranean, it’s so blue they almost look like bike shorts. Indigo thread and faded-whiskers they’re a new generation of performance denim different from anything else. Pair nicely with your favorite faded white t-shirt. Like a new flavor of ice cream you’re afraid to try them but then you can’t put these jorts down.

The Contrast Pocket limited edition jorts are like flying first class or buying the most expensive iPhone, totally unnecessary but thoroughly awesome. 

  • Ripton Steelknit® 38% weft stretch denim
  • Razor thin, 8 oz. technical weight
  • VISLON® tech zipper
  • hemmed 9.5" inseam | cut-off 9" inseam
  • Super-stretch mesh pocketing
  • Custom fleck cord hang loop