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Ritchey Break-Away Steel Frameset

SKU: 210000118095

Ritchey Break-Away Steel Frameset

Brand: Ritchey
Categories: Road Bikes
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This full-size road bike can easily be broken down to fit within the included conveniently sized travel case. The padded case measures 8.5"x26.5"x31” which is a lot smaller than a typical travel case. The dimensions of this case allow one to travel with their bicycle and avoid the airline fees as long as the weight remains under 50 pounds. The small, light case also makes life easier while navigating busy airport terminals, rental car areas and hotel rooms.

The Ritchey Break-Away Steel Road frame includes cable disconnects and couplers which make packing and unpacking the bicycle quick and painless. You will not have to worry about packing an extensive array of tools. Just don’t forget your pump and shoes and you will be ready to ride wherever you end up traveling! The frame comes in seven sizes ranging from 48-60 cm (2 cm increments). Please note Ritchey does not guarantee that airlines will not charge. Please refer to the Ritchey geometry chart to find the best frame size.