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SCC Tech Slick Lubricant 2 oz

SKU: 210000097896

SCC Tech Slick Lubricant 2 oz

Brand: SCC Tech
Categories: Lube-cleaner
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The SCC Slick Lubricant patented formula delivers a superior, long lasting, all weather conditions chain lubricant that minimizes friction, preserves drivetrain integrity and is carbon safe. You can expect consistently smooth chain performance with minimum friction and improved shifting on your road, mountain or cyclocross bike. The SCC Slick Lubricant allows for longer intervals between reapplication (cyclists have reported 3x - 5x longer than previously used lubricant). Thanks to the SCC Slick Lubricant formula, there is little to no buildup on chainrings, cassette and derailleur pulleys to keep your drivetrain looking fresh and clean.