2021 Scott Addict 20 Disc


2021 Scott Addict 20 Disc

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2021 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc 2021 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc

2021 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc

Need to get out on your own for a few hours? Local club organizing a century and you’ve got 100 miles on the brain? The 2021 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc is designed and built with long days in the saddle in mind.


Product Description

When SCOTT Sports introduced the Addict road bike in 2007, it was touted as the lightest road bike on the market at a scant 790g. Over time, the Addict name has adorned several worthy bikes that focused on low weight, stiffness, and overall build quality. The 2020 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc endurance road bike takes that same ethos and applies it to an endurance package that sacrifices very little in weight to its racy siblings.

Every SCOTT Addict is based around a lightweight carbon frame; here, it’s the HMF carbon found on most of the Addict RC road bike line, as well as a vast majority of SCOTT carbon bikes. HMF carbon is light, stiff, and designed for durability. What separates the Addict is that while the Addict RC is built with seven different pieces of carbon, the Addict is built with just three. This level of savings means that SCOTT can offer the same carbon for cheaper, with a low weight of under 1000g for a frame. All in, the Addict 20 Disc weighs in at a light 18.5 pounds.

SCOTT designed the Addict frame from the ground up with long-distance comfort in mind. Starting with more upright positioning, the Addict also adds room for up to a 32c tire (28c), design for greater small bump smoothness, and calmed-down handling.

The 2020 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc road bike is based around an HMF carbon frame and fork, a Shimano 105 mechanical R7000 drivetrain, and Syncros RP 2.0 Disc wheels. 700 x 30c Schwalbe ONE tires and Syncros carbon and alloy components complete the build. The Addict Disc is available in seven sizes (XXS/47 – XXL/61 cm).

Have any questions about the 2020 SCOTT Addict 20 Disc endurance road bike? Send us an email any time to, or give us a call during business hours.



  • Frame
    Addict Disc HMF Carbon technology Endurance geometry / Replaceable Derailleur Hanger
  • Fork
    Addict Disc HMF 1 1/8"-1 1/4" Carbon steerer Alloy Dropout
  • Rear Derailleur
    Shimano 105 Black RD-R7000-GS 22 Speed
  • Front Derailleur
    Shimano 105 FD-R7000 Black
  • Shifters
    Shimano 105 ST-R7020 Disc Dual control 22 Speed
  • Crankset
    Shimano FC-R7000 Compact Hyperdrive 50x34 T Black
  • BB-Set
    Shimano BB-RS500-PB
  • Chain
    KMC X11
  • Cassette
    Shimano CS-R7000 11-32
  • Brakes
    Shimano BR-R7070 Hyd.Disc
  • Rotor
    Shimano SM-RT70 CL rotor 160/F and 160/R
  • Handlebar
    Syncros Creston 2.0 Compact Alloy 31.8mm
  • H'stem
    Syncros RR2.0 1 1/8" / four Bolt 31.8mm
  • Seatpost
    Syncros RR1.2 27.2/350mm
  • Seat
    Syncros Tofino Regular 2.0 Channel
  • Headset
    Syncros Integrated
  • Wheelset
    Syncros RP2.0 Disc 28 Front / 28 Rear Syncros RWS
  • Front Tire
    Schwalbe ONE Fold 700x30C
  • Rear Tire
    Schwalbe ONE Fold 700x30C
  • Approx weights in KG
  • Approx weights in LBS
  • Max. System Weight
    120 kg The overall weight includes the bike the rider the equipment and possible additional luggage.


Ahead tube angle70.5 °71.0 °72.0 °72.5 °73.0 °73.3 °73.3 °
Bhead tube length115.0 mm4.5 in125.0 mm4.9 in145.0 mm5.7 in165.0 mm6.5 in185.0 mm7.3 in205.0 mm8.1 in225.0 mm8.9 in
Ctop tube horizontal505.0 mm19.9 in515.0 mm20.3 in530.0 mm20.9 in545.0 mm21.5 in560.0 mm22.0 in575.0 mm22.6 in590.0 mm23.2 in
Dstandover height725.3 mm28.6 in741.1 mm29.2 in767.5 mm30.2 in787.5 mm31.0 in807.5 mm31.8 in827.1 mm32.6 in851.4 mm33.5 in
EBB offset-67.0 mm-2.6 in-67.0 mm-2.6 in-67.0 mm-2.6 in-67.0 mm-2.6 in-67.0 mm-2.6 in-67.0 mm-2.6 in-67.0 mm-2.6 in
FBB height280.2 mm11.0 in280.2 mm11.0 in280.2 mm11.0 in280.2 mm11.0 in280.2 mm11.0 in280.2 mm11.0 in280.2 mm11.0 in
Gwheel base973.1 mm38.3 in979.4 mm38.6 in981.2 mm38.6 in986.8 mm38.9 in991.6 mm39.0 in999.0 mm39.3 in1,012.7 mm39.9 in
HBB center to toptube center410.0 mm16.1 in430.0 mm16.9 in460.0 mm18.1 in480.0 mm18.9 in500.0 mm19.7 in520.0 mm20.5 in550.0 mm21.7 in
IBB center to top of seattube470.0 mm18.5 in490.0 mm19.3 in520.0 mm20.5 in540.0 mm21.3 in560.0 mm22.0 in580.0 mm22.8 in610.0 mm24.0 in
Jseat angle75.0 °75.0 °74.5 °74.0 °73.5 °73.1 °73.0 °
Kchainstay415.0 mm16.3 in415.0 mm16.3 in415.0 mm16.3 in415.0 mm16.3 in415.0 mm16.3 in415.0 mm16.3 in415.0 mm16.3 in
Lreach366.6 mm14.4 in373.5 mm14.7 in377.3 mm14.9 in381.2 mm15.0 in384.6 mm15.1 in389.0 mm15.3 in397.0 mm15.6 in
Mstack516.7 mm20.3 in527.9 mm20.8 in550.5 mm21.7 in571.3 mm22.5 in592.3 mm23.3 in612.5 mm24.1 in613.6 mm24.2 in
Nstem length