2021 Scott Foil 10


2021 Scott Foil 10

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With victories at each grand tour and one-day monuments such as Milan San Remo and Paris-Roubaix, the SCOTT Foil is one of the fastest and most successful aero bikes on the planet. The SCOTT Foil 10 will let you ride like a pro, but much less spendy.

Using the same frame as the pros ride, and built up with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 2x11 drivetrain, the 2021 SCOTT Foil shaves time off your race and saves watts for your sprint.

Aero is great, but aero AND comfortable make the SCOTT Foil 10 a game changer in the aero bike field. The patented airfoil design has been applied to each of the main tubes to minimize drag and improve airflow around the Foil Disc HMF carbon frame. 

Coupled with an amazingly clean Syncros Creston cockpit, the SCOTT Foil 10 is as aero as it’s ever been. The one piece stem and handlebar combo adds layers of aerodynamics to the package with fully integrated cable routing through the stem to keep all cables inside to prevent even the slightest amount of drag.

SCOTT increased vertical compliance with a low seatstay attachment to create a smooth riding experience even on rough roads. 

A SRAM Force eTap AXS 24-speed drivetrain and a set of Syncros Capital 1.0 50 disc wheels and Schwalbe ONE Race-Guard tires mean the bike will roll smooth, fast and steady for hundreds of miles - in a peloton or on a solo breakaway.

Checking in at barely 18 pounds for a size medium, the SCOTT Foil 10 is as light as many non-aero frames for steady climbing ability but still retains its air-slicing design to make the most of every watt you produce.

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  • Frame
    FOIL Disc HMF / F01 AERO Carbon tech. Road Race geometry Replaceable Derailleur Hanger
  • Fork
    FOIL Disc HMX 1" Carbon steerer Integrated Carbon Dropout
  • Rear Derailleur
    SRAM FORCE eTap AXS 24 Speed Electronic Shift System
  • Front Derailleur
    SRAM FORCE eTap AXS Electronic Shift System
  • Shifters
    SRAM FORCE eTap AXS HRD Shift-Brake System
  • Crankset
    SRAM FORCE Crankset 48/35 T
  • BB-Set
  • Chain
  • Cassette
    SRAM FORCE XG1270 10-33
  • Brakes
    SRAM FORCE eTap AXS HRD Shift-Brake System Flatmount
  • Rotor
    SRAM Centerline XR rotor 160/F and 160/R
  • Handlebar
    Syncros Creston iC SL Carbon combo
  • Seatpost
    Syncros Duncan 1.0 Aero
  • Seat
    Syncros Belcarra V-Concept 2.0
  • Headset
    Syncros Integrated
  • Wheelset
    Syncros Capital 1.0 50 Disc 24 Front / 24 Rear Syncros RWS
  • Front Tire
    Schwalbe ONE Race-Guard Fold 700x28C
  • Rear Tire
    Schwalbe ONE Race-Guard Fold 700x28C
  • Approx weights in KG
  • Approx weights in LBS
  • Max. System Weight
    120 kg The overall weight includes the bike the rider the equipment and possible additional luggage.


Ahead tube angle70.5 °71.0 °72.0 °72.5 °73.0 °73.3 °73.3 °
Bhead tube length110.0 mm4.3 in115.0 mm4.5 in130.0 mm5.1 in150.0 mm5.9 in170.0 mm6.7 in190.0 mm7.5 in210.0 mm8.3 in
Ctop tube horizontal510.0 mm20.1 in520.0 mm20.5 in535.0 mm21.1 in550.0 mm21.7 in565.0 mm22.2 in580.0 mm22.8 in595.0 mm23.4 in
Dstandover height715.9 mm28.2 in729.4 mm28.7 in753.6 mm29.7 in773.5 mm30.5 in798.8 mm31.4 in812.9 mm32.0 in837.3 mm33.0 in
EBB offset-66.0 mm-2.6 in-66.0 mm-2.6 in-66.0 mm-2.6 in-66.0 mm-2.6 in-66.0 mm-2.6 in-66.0 mm-2.6 in-66.0 mm-2.6 in
FBB height273.0 mm10.7 in273.0 mm10.7 in273.0 mm10.7 in273.0 mm10.7 in273.0 mm10.7 in273.0 mm10.7 in273.0 mm10.7 in
Gwheel base972.0 mm38.3 in978.0 mm38.5 in980.0 mm38.6 in987.0 mm38.9 in994.2 mm39.1 in1,002.9 mm39.5 in1,012.0 mm39.8 in
HBB center to toptube center400.0 mm15.7 in420.0 mm16.5 in450.0 mm17.7 in470.0 mm18.5 in490.0 mm19.3 in510.0 mm20.1 in540.0 mm21.3 in
IBB center to top of seattube410.0 mm16.1 in430.0 mm16.9 in460.0 mm18.1 in480.0 mm18.9 in500.0 mm19.7 in520.0 mm20.5 in550.0 mm21.7 in
Jseat angle74.5 °74.5 °74.0 °73.6 °73.3 °73.0 °72.5 °
Kchainstay410.0 mm16.1 in410.0 mm16.1 in410.0 mm16.1 in410.0 mm16.1 in410.0 mm16.1 in410.0 mm16.1 in410.0 mm16.1 in
Lreach370.6 mm14.6 in378.8 mm14.9 in384.0 mm15.1 in388.9 mm15.3 in394.5 mm15.5 in400.0 mm15.7 in403.4 mm15.9 in
Mstack502.6 mm19.8 in509.0 mm20.0 in526.7 mm20.7 in547.5 mm21.6 in568.3 mm22.4 in588.5 mm23.2 in607.7 mm23.9 in
Nstem length90.0 mm3.5 in90.0 mm3.5 in100.0 mm3.9 in110.0 mm4.3 in110.0 mm4.3 in120.0 mm4.7 in120.0 mm4.7 in