SKU: 210000112869

2021 Scott Plasma Premium Frame & Fork

SKU: 210000112869

2021 Scott Plasma Premium Frame & Fork

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Kona is calling. In the no-expense-spared world of elite triathlons, the 2021 SCOTT Plasma Premium triathlon/time trial bike is like cheating the system - but not.

The 2021 SCOTT Plasma Premium might be the best triathlon bike money can buy. If you’re taking aim at qualifying for Worlds or maybe just want to eliminate any excuses on the local circuit, you’re all but guaranteed to nail a new fastest bike split on the SCOTT Plasma Premium.

With its advanced design, the 2021 SCOTT Plasma Premium is exclusively a triathlon bike and is not UCI compliant. Sorry, roadies.

Aerodynamics has always been one of the key ingredients in creating a truly efficient time trial and triathlon bike. The SCOTT Plasma Premium takes the wind, cuts through it, wipes it aside and carves not seconds, but minutes, off your bike splits.

SCOTT has redefined what it means to be aerodynamic with the 2021 Plasma Premium. In air tunnel testing, the most aerodynamic position is to have the downtube as close to the front tire as possible - until you make a turn. Then the air flow disruption creates significant drag. SCOTT went for the second most aero position and moved the down tube back an inch or two. While sacrificing a touch of aero while riding straight lines, the design eliminates much of the air drag caused by turning the front wheel out of perfect alignment with the frame.

Likewise, the rear wheel has been placed as close to the seat tube as possible to eliminate as much air flow disruption as possible. SCOTT uses a flexible dropout system in back to give riders six different wheel mount positions so you can change to a bigger tire and still retain optimal aerodynamics.

Another key design element that has been a thorn in the side of triathletes around the world is the difficulty in traveling with a bike. SCOTT addressed this with a one-piece cockpit assembly that can be removed to create a much better experience when packing a bike into a travel box.

The arm bars and pads on the cockpit are fully adjustable. Moving them up, down, forward, backward and even left or right to create the ideal riding position for the individual rider is assured.

Cleverly designed storage and hydration space is integrated into the frame to create an even more aero profile on the SCOTT Plasma Premium.

Of course, no Kona-worthy speed machine would be complete without the best components available. The ultra lightweight HMX carbon frame is ready to be adorned with whatever drivetrain, wheels and other components your heart desires.

If winning your age group and qualifying for Worlds is your goal, you’ll be one, or three, steps closer to reaching it with the 2021 SCOTT Plasma Premium.

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FrameHMX Carbon Disc Mainframe, compatible for electronic Shifting
ForkHMX Carbon fork for Disc Brake
AccessoriesPlasma 6 headset, Syncros Creston iC TRI handlebar combo / aerobar, Plasma 6 Aero bottle, Plasma 6 Gel bottle, Plasma 6 Storage box, Plasma 6 Nutrition box, Platd>6 HMX seatpost
Approx weights in KG2.26
Approx weights in LBS4.98
Max. System Weight120 kg
The overall weight includes the bike
the rider
the equipment
and possible additional luggage.


 XS/49S/52M/54L/56XL/58 A HEAD TUBE ANGLE72.5 °72.5 °72.5 °72.5 °72.5 ° B HEAD TUBE LENGTH (REAL)71.5 MM71.5 MM87.0 MM108.0 MM124.0 MM B HEAD TUBE LENGTH (COMPARABLE)106.5 MM106.5 MM122.0 MM143.0 MM159.0 MM C TOP TUBE HORIZONTAL509.3 MM529.3 MM555.8 MM582.9 MM609.5 MM D STANDOVER HEIGHT746.0 MM746.0 MM795.8 MM815.8 MM831.1 MM E BB OFFSET-75.0 MM-75.0 MM-75.0 MM-75.0 MM-75.0 MM F BB HEIGHT261.0 MM261.0 MM261.0 MM261.0 MM261.0 MM G WHEEL BASE 962.0 MM982.0 MM1,011.7 MM1,043.0 MM1,072.8 MM H BB CENTER TO TOPTUBE CENTER493.0 MM493.0 MM542.4 MM562.3 MM577.5 MM I BB CENTER TO TOP OF SEATTUBE503.0 MM503.0 MM552.4 MM572.3 MM587.5 MM J SEAT ANGLE75.2 °75.2 °75.2 °75.2 °75.2 ° K CHAINSTAY410.0 MM410.0 MM410.0 MM410.0 MM410.0 MM L REACH372.5 MM392.5 MM417.5 MM442.5 MM467.5 MM M STACK520.0 MM520.0 MM535.0 MM555.0 MM570.0 MM K CHAINSTAY MIN403.0 MM403.0 MM403.0 MM403.0 MM403.0 MM K CHAINSTAY MAX413.0 MM413.0 MM413.0 MM413.0 MM413.0 MM YL PADS STACK LOW540.0 MM540.0 MM555.0 MM575.0 MM590.0 MM YH PADS STACK HIGH660.0 MM660.0 MM675.0 MM695.0 MM710.0 MM X H/SPADS REACH HIGH/SHORT362.2 MM382.2 MM407.2 MM432.2 MM457.2 MM X L/LPADS REACH LOW/LONG500.0 MM520.0 MM545.0 MM570.0 MM595.0 MM