Shimano GRX FC-RX600 Crankset


Shimano GRX FC-RX600 Crankset

Brand: Shimano
Categories: Cranksets
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Gravel bikes are here to stay, and anyone who says otherwise has Shimano to answer to. The Shimano GRX gravel bike groupset adapts typical Shimano road technologies to mixed-terrain use. One of the most important components of any road adoption to gravel is the inclusion of a wide gear range. The Shimano GRX FC-RX600 Crankset takes care of that and then some.

A 46-30t chainring option has a similar jump in cadence to a compact crankset, but gears down to provide riders a lower gear when the going gets tough. Paired to a wide-range 11-34t cassette, riders have close gearing near that of a SRAM Eagle drivetrain with far smaller jumps between each gear. A 1x-specific option allows for up to an 11-42t cassette in the back. Besides that, all GRX cranks move the chain line out by 2.5 mm to accommodate a front derailleur and wider tires compared to typical Shimano road cranks.

The Shimano GRX FC-RX600 Crankset is available in four lengths (165 mm - 175 mm) in 46-30t gearing or 1x gearing options in 40t and 42t options. It is optimized for 11-speed drivetrains and is about 100 grams heavier than a GRX FC-RX810 crankset. Chainring BCD is not compatible with Shimano road four-bolt chainrings.