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Shimano XT RT86M 180mm Rotor

SKU: 210000030600

Shimano XT RT86M 180mm Rotor

Brand: Shimano
Categories: Brakes
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Shimano's XT RT86 rotor incorporates the proven Ice-Tech braking technology, derived from their top-tier XTR group. By sandwiching an aluminum cooling core between two steel braking surfaces, Ice-Tech technology combines the durability and stopping power of steel with excellent heat dissipation properties. This design not only dissipates heat more efficiently but also maintains solid stopping power and durability. With a two-piece "floating" rotor configuration that reduces weight and enhances system stiffness, Shimano XT Rotors deliver the powerful braking performance you seek, all backed by Shimano's renowned reliability. Ride confidently and swiftly, tackling any terrain with these advanced rotors.