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Shimano XTR PD M9020 Pedals

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Shimano XTR PD M9020 Pedals

Brand: Shimano
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The Shimano XTR M9020 pedal offers you more stability and better control while still being one of the lightest pedals in Shimano's mountain line up, weighing 358g for the pair.  Built with a wider aluminum platform protects your pedal from rocks that you might occasionally hit and more added convenience if you miss the clip or don't have shoes with cleats.

The pedals are also dual-sided simplifying clipping in even further and making it a great pedal for new riders or for those who are just looking for convenience.  Shimano has designed the pedal to engage and release smoothly while you are clipping in and if you have trouble clipping in the wider platform giving you more stability to allow you more time to clip in.

Pure and simple the Shimano XTR M9020 pedal is going to be the lightest and most durable pedal that shimano has to offer you from their trail mountain pedals.