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SRM Origin Powermeter w/BOR 2x Chainrings

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SRM Origin Powermeter w/BOR 2x Chainrings

Brand: SRM
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For years, SRM power meter cranks have been the gold standard in power meters. Not only have SRM pioneered the original power-reading system in the 1980’s, but they’ve been the most accurate choice for anyone looking for a reliable and indispensable training instrument, professional or novice. As competition from Stages, Quarq, and PowerTap have developed other ways to measure power, SRM have continually come out on top in reliability and durability. If they’ve been resistant to any technology, it’s been rechargeability. As such, it comes with great surprise that SRM have released a rechargeable version of the touted SRM Origin, a power meter that promises all of the accuracy and adaptability of SRM with none of the drawbacks.

SRM start with their newly-developed Origin crankset as a starting point. This means that it uses their same 144-point calibration system, placed in the crank spider, to provide a power reading within plus/minus one-percent accuracy. It also uses the same Look-developed carbon crankarms that weigh in at just 127 grams together, while featuring their Trilobe pedal inserts. These inserts allow for alter pedal length between 170mm, 172.5mm, or 175mm to optimize your pedal stroke for optimum efficiency and power output.

SRM designs their power meters for accurate use in freezing cold to blistering heat, which is why SRM have so faithfully stuck to a non-rechargeable battery. With this iteration, they were able to engineer a magnetic charging system for the crank. This functions just as a charger on a MacBook; it is dustproof & waterproof, and more reliable than any alternative charging method on the power meter market. Battery life is set at 1900 hours, which, compared to anything else on the market, is four to ten-times greater than comparable power meters.

The SRM Origin Rechargeable power meter crankset is adaptable for use with just about any chainring interface, with just about every bottom bracket standard available today. As such, this crank can be used for road, mountain, or track bikes without issue. Further, its ANT+ compatibility makes it useable with the SRM PC8 controller as well as just about any other bicycle computer on the market. At just 610 total grams with chainrings, it is one of the lightest options on the market. With a pro-tested legacy of durability, reliability, and accuracy, the SRM Origin Rechargeable power meter crankset delivers in a way that no other option on the market can.