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The Stromer ST1 is the Swiss bike company's best value in their line of alternative transportation bikes.  The ST1 was designed from the ground up to provide electric bike convenience in a platform that looks sleek and handles like a normal bike.  The two most obvious deviations from a "normal" bike are the large downtube and the unusual-looking rear wheel.  Because the battery adds notable weight, Stromer decided to mount the battery in a custom compartment built into the downtube.  This ensures the weight is distributed between the front and rear wheels, and keeps the center of gravity low.  The rear-wheel-mounted motor was chosen for it's simplicity, quite operation, and durability.  Because the motor is contained inside the hub, there is no additional wear and tear placed on the drivetrain.  And since the motor is what's referred to as a "brushless" type, there aren't any internal gears or wear items that need servicing.  The motor itself uses a built-in torque sensor to gauge how much power (and when) should be applied.  Stromer fitted the handlebar with an interface control panel, to track battery level, speed, distance, and which of the four (user chosen) assist levels is being used.  To ensure a great ride quality, all Stromer ST1s now come with a carbon fork, and ride on special flat-resistant Schwalbe Big Ben tires.  Stopping power is provided by hydraulic disc brakes.

The Stromer ST1 is available in three sizes: Comfort 16.5" (for height up to 5'7.5") with a step-through top tube, Sport 16.5" (for height up to 5'7.5"), and Sport 20" (for height over 5'7.5"). The bike is available in Black or White and can be fitted with City Kit accessories.

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