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Sunlite SPD WPD700/800 Pedal Cleat

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Sunlite SPD WPD700/800 Pedal Cleat

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The Sunlite SPD WPD700/800 Pedal Cleats are designed for use with Sunlite's WPD700 and WPD800 SPD pedals, which are compatible with Shimano's SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) clipless pedal system. The cleats are designed to attach to the sole of compatible cycling shoes and provide a secure and efficient connection to the pedal.

The WPD700/800 cleats feature a two-bolt cleat bolt pattern, which is compatible with most mountain bike shoes and many touring and commuting shoes. The cleats also offer a degree of float, which allows the rider's foot to pivot slightly while clipped into the pedal. This can help to reduce stress on the knees and improve overall pedaling efficiency.