SKU: 210000097736

Superpedestrian Copenhagen 700c Rear Wheel

SKU: 210000097736

Superpedestrian Copenhagen 700c Rear Wheel

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The Copenhagen Wheel replaces the back wheel of your bicycle. The Wheel is a self-enclosed, drop-in solution for nearly any bicycle. It contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system.

Once installed, it empowers you to travel further and faster with less effort than a normal bike; you can go up to 50 km at 25 km/h on one charge. An app lets you set how much pedaling assistance you get.

For example, you can wear a suit and quickly get to work in the morning using Turbo Mode with a lot of motor assistance. Then change into sportswear when you’re done with work and use exercise mode to burn twice the calories going home.

The Wheel will fit your bike if you have:

Steel or Aluminum Frame 

622 mm or 559 mm or 700c wheel size

Rear rim brakes 

Single-speed, or a 7, 8, 9 or 10-speed Shimano/SRAM-compatible multi-speed cassette 

Dropout spacing of 120-135 mm (for single-speed) and 130-135 mm (for multi-speed)