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Syncros Fraser iC SL Handlebar

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Syncros Fraser iC SL Handlebar

Brand: Scott Bikes
Categories: Cross-country
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World Cup and Olympic Champion Nino Schurter uses the very best when he rides the Scott Spark, one of the most dominant cross country mountain bikes of our time. His preferred handlebar is the Syncros Fraser iC SL Handlebar, an one-piece integrated handlebar and stem combo tuned specifically for the rigors of cross country mountain bike riding. An integrated handlebar and stem like this isn't just light at only 220g, it offers exceptionally direct handling unlike any other standard handlebar and stem combination on the market today.

The Syncros Fraser iC SL Handlebar is the ultimate in lightweight and high performance. Based around the Syncros Hixon iC handlebar, this bar uses an -8 degree stem with four different lengths (60-90 mm). It features a flat T-bar shape with a 9 degree back sweep and a very slight 6 degree upsweep. Available in 740 mm widths.