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Syntace P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatpost

SKU: 210000143770

Syntace P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatpost

Brand: Syntace
Categories: Seatposts
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Product Description

The Syntace P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatpost is a high-performance carbon fiber seatpost that is designed to provide maximum comfort and vibration damping for road and mountain bike riders. The unique HiFlex design allows the seatpost to flex in a controlled manner, which helps to absorb shocks and vibrations from rough terrain, while also reducing fatigue and increasing comfort during long rides.

The P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatpost is constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, which provides strength and durability while keeping weight to a minimum. The seatpost is also available in a range of diameters and lengths to fit a variety of bikes and riding styles.

In addition to its comfort-enhancing properties, the Syntace P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatpost also features a secure and easy-to-use clamp design that allows for precise and secure adjustment of saddle position. The clamp system also helps to distribute clamping forces evenly across the saddle rails, reducing the risk of damage to the saddle or seatpost.

The Syntace P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatpost is an excellent choice for riders who prioritize comfort and performance on their bike. Its unique HiFlex design provides unparalleled vibration damping and shock absorption, while its carbon fiber construction and secure clamp system ensure long-lasting durability and ease of use.



  • Material: Carbon fiber

  • Available diameters: 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm

  • Available lengths: 280mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm

  • Setback: 0mm or 20mm

  • Clamp design: Two-bolt design with micro-adjustment

  • Weight: 190-230 grams (depending on diameter and length)