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Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer

SKU: 210000088735

Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer

Brand: Tacx
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Out of the comprehensive Tacx trainer line, the Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer represents a way to get most of the polish and features of the Tacx NEO in a comparatively affordable package. As such, the FLUX can simulate inclines of 10%, with a max wattage capacity of 1500 Watts, and a power accuracy level of +/- 3%. These numbers are down compared to the Neo, but this is very much within the realm of what the above-average cyclist would ever need.

The Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer is direct-drive, like the NEO and Wahoo KICKR, meaning the bicycle’s rear wheel is taken off and placed on the cassette (compatible with both Shimano & Campagnolo cassettes). This allows for much better feel while putting down power, while eliminating potential slippage issues that might happen when really cranking down compared to wheel-mount trainer. Road feel is fantastic, especially when price is considered.

At just $899, the Tacx FLUX might be the ideal point that balances value versus price, perfect for those riders who want a genuinely power-focused, fully-interactive, direct drive smart trainer with a great ride quality, at a more wallet-friendly price. This trainer is compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart readers, and is an excellent companion to anyone's Swift adventures.