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Time ATAC XC 2 Pedals

SKU: 210000031694

Time ATAC XC 2 Pedals

Brand: TIME Bikes
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The TIME ATAC XC 2 Pedals offer all the performance you demand at a price that won't break the bank. Designed around TIME's legendary ATAC cleat system the XC2 pedal offers intuitive use so that whether you are new to clipless pedals and conquering the most technical of trails engaging your pedal will be second nature from the first use. By optimizing the pedal and cleat around a more nature engagement angle makes clipping in a breeze and while other pedals and cleats can easily become gummed up by mud and debris TIME's ATAC system is designed to shed gunk with every engagement so you'll never be stuck in your pedals. The composite body of the XC 2 pedals offers ample support, so hot spot don't form during your time in the saddle, while helping keep the weight down to a svelte 151g, while the steel axle and stamped dual-arches will stand up to years of abuse.

The TIME ATAC XC 2 Pedals come stock with TIME's ATAC Easy cleat which offers 10 degrees of heal float, just the right amount to help protect your knees, while making getting out of the pedal easier so that you can ride with more confidence. The XC 2 pedal is also compatible with the TIME ATAC cleat which has a selectable 13 or 17 degrees of float.