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Time MX 6 Pedals

SKU: 210000133831

Time MX 6 Pedals

Brand: Time
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The Time MX 6 pedals are the ultimate ride companion for all the dirt-loving, adrenaline-junkies out there. These bad boys boast an easy step-in feature thanks to their wide-angle cleat design, as well as a self-cleaning mechanism that clears the pedal whenever the cleat is engaged. Plus, with a selectable release angle and an enduro-style pedal body for extra stability, you'll be tearing up the trails like a pro in no time.

The pedals have a defined black color and weigh 380 grams. They feature a composite pedal body material and a hollow steel spindle material, which provides durability without adding unnecessary weight. The pedals are dual-sided clipless, making it easy to engage from either side, and the Time ATAC cleat interface provides a secure and efficient connection between the shoe and pedal. Overall, the Time MX 6 pedals offer a superior riding experience for any level of rider.