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TIME Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals

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TIME Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals

Brand: TIME Bikes
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TIME has taken the pedal to a whole new level with the Xpresso 10. Built around a carbon body and hollow steel axle the Xpresso 10 are ready to conquer Mont Ventoux with the best riders in the world. The oversized, 700 square mm, pedal platform and slim stack height help TIME provide enhance power transfer, so that none of your effort goes to waste. In order to ensure that you have put out the watts for years to come TIME has designed the Xpresso pedal to protect your joints against injury from the repetitive motion of pedaling. In addition to +/- 5 degrees of heel float, similar to what competitors offer, TIME has engineered the Xpresso 10 pedals to provide 2.5mm of lateral freedom. This additional degree of freedom of movement for your feet helps to reduce strain on your joints at the miles tick over. In addition, TIME has also designed the Xpresso’s iClic cleats to allow for a 2.6mm adjust in Q-factor, allowing for a more refined bike fit, increasing joint protection and your performance. Finally, the Xpresso 10 pedals are designed to “cock” the leaf spring open every time you step out of the pedal, allowing the TIME Xpresso pedals to have the lowest engagement force requirement of any pedal without scarfing their ability to securely hold the cleat under even the most powerful riders.